If you’re having trouble with gender and figuring out who you are and who you identify as, please watch this.

Ruby Rose is an extremely attractive model, who is also very well known. They have recently come out as gender fluid and a week prior to that, they made this video. You can read more about them here.

(I apologise, I don’t know what their pronouns are, so I’m using they/them/their as an alternative.)

Night all. Sorry I wasnt here much, Im still trying to get my brain over the other day. I’m slightly better. Gonna read some porn and go to bed. 


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Considering I was sitting in his lap and could feel everything, by my calculations, you’re still considerably bigger, John.

[Snorts a chuckle]


I find its the best way to get him to stop talking. 

Can’t talk if he’s gagging on cock. 

laioch-bana-mhorair said: She swatted back and continued, making an attempt to peek under her bandages. "Ah wanna se Daddy."

"He’s busy," John frowned, "He’ll come in time."

suddenlymrsex said: I'm sure your cock is nothing to gawk at Johnny-boy. I saw it beneath your trousers last night. xJM

You want another look down your fucking throat? JW


"I was really keen…to do another bit of action…the physical thing of just transforming myself from a kind of quite thin, reedy guy into somebody four chest sizes bigger and bursting our of my old clothes, looking a little bit super human." - Benedict Cumberbatch from ‘The Making of Little Favour’