Feeling sick to my stomach. Going to bed. Night. 

I had a pretty bullshit fucking day. 

I have a headache, my feet hurt and I’m tired as hell. I’m only going to be up a little while longer and probably go to bed early. 



*florid bow* Thank ya puddin’!

I think Mista J would love it.

Of course he would! I’m his special little puddin’ pop!

*florid bow* Thank ya puddin’!

This shade makes me feel pretty. Always been a blood-red lipstick gal. 

New lipstick for Harley Quinn. Since black was unavailable I got the shade that says “blood of my enemies.” Seems pretty legit.

We would never do that to John Watson.

avillains-fairytale replied to your post: “I need to eat, but I feel sick to my stomach. Ugh. ”:
Eat something salty in small doses that usually helps me :)

I ate toast and a small turkey dinner with potatoes. 

Anonymous said: Have you been invited to the Hot Dad club yet? Because damn.

Are you trying to say I look old?